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What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a software-defined data center that combines essential hardware and other computing resources into a unified virtualized unit. A private cloud’s layer of hardware and networking abstraction – again, provided by software – enables enterprises to scale and provision resources more dynamically than is possible with traditional hardware-centric computing environments.

In contrast to public cloud computing, a private cloud is typically hosted within a company’s firewalls. Alternately, some companies host their private cloud with an external third party provider, which allows these deployments to tap into external compute resources on an on-demand basis.

Ideally, a private cloud allows businesses significant cost savings over legacy hardware-based deployments. It also enables far greater flexibility, and – in contrast to a public cloud – much greater security and privacy.


Our Cloud hosting solutions provide powerful, secure and scaleable virtual hosting for your business. Transfer your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, with a cloud hosting solution that ensures market leading benchmarks for performance, reliability, security and uptime.

Access the latest enterprise grade technology with no capital investment; reduced administration and running costs; improved business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities and enjoy cutting edge security – all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cloud services are being looked after 24/7 by our expert engineers.

Our private cloud solutions provide a dedicated, physically isolated and secure platform based on the latest, best in class infrastructure from Microsoft. Created in consultation with our expert team, our private cloud solutions are cutting edge and infinitely customisable, delivering industry leading benchmarks for uptime and availability. Combining redundant networks, storage and compute resources with intelligent management systems ensures that your private cloud is available whenever you need it. Dedicated and physically isolated, private clouds provide the best security and meet the strictest regulatory compliance standards.

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