System Monitoring

Want to securely keep tabs on your internal network, from anywhere?

Hurst Consulting monitors your internal servers, and network devices from inside the firewall, keeping you informed of their status

Internal Servers

Maintaining server uptime is a tough, but necessary task. Hurst Consulting’s internal server monitoring agents are your go-to resource for the data that you need to maximize your uptime, tracking performance related metrics for a variety of Windows and Linux server configurations.
Network Devices

Servers are not the only devices inside a firewall that are prone to errors and downtime. With Hurst Consulting’s robust (and growing) support for popular protocols, you can easily monitor the uptime and performance of your devices, such as routers, switches, computers, and printers.
Supported protocols

We are strong believers in creating tools that are not only powerful, but super flexible. Hurst Consulting supports your favorite devices and protocols, including: Linux servers, Windows servers, Windows Performance Counter, Windows WMI, Ping, Connect, HTTP, SNMP, and more.